GMO Internet 

Fast growing CyberAgent Group is up next. Number of good looking female stuff is indubitably seem.

Next up is Hikari TV 

Samantha Thavasa, Japanese selected bag maker was first to react to AKB48’s Fortune Cookie song. 

This is how it all started. I will be sharing this ‘Call me maybe’ user generated contents phenomenon in Japan for the next couple of days.

I am sure Detsu has had a little fiddle to the media market. Either way, the song is catchy and the companies had nothing but great marketing reasons to create this home made inter-video.

"Toilet Bike Neo" is a bike that runs on poo, which design studio PARTY invented together with TOTO. This bike runs on "Biogas" which is defecated by bodily wastes and polluted mud.The bike travelled across Japan to let people know more about TOTO’s eco-friendly activities. This project was featured in many domestic and international websites, and gained tons of publicity.

Super thin contact lens package ‘Magic’. Brand identity designed by PARTY. Inspired by the sun set. Website is also nice too.

Jan 2012

Nike Japan’s recent campaign ‘Seven Years’. 

The mold has not been cast.

You are not a label. You are not a uniform.

And you do not belong to someone else’s expectations.

You are what you want to be.

What do you want to be?

Now’s not the time to think small.

Move. Experiment. Do what you thought you couldn’t.

Then do it better. You can only fail if you quit trying.

Who you will be, tomorrow, next week,

or 7 years from now,

will be decided today.

I actually did the voice over for this web video….

W+K Tokyo September 2013

Play Station VITA Action Campaign. I have always wondered about playing games on big screen whenever and wherever